1099 Compliance Reporting for 2022 – Meeting the January 31, 2023 Deadline

By Shelley Meier

December 16, 2022

Once again, it is time to provide information for the timely filing of 1099 forms. Our revised 1099 information collection spreadsheet can be downloaded here.

Please complete this 1099 worksheet with all required information for 2022 and use this link to securely email us using SafeSend.

We will file the forms based on the information you provide on the worksheet. Most accounting software will assist you with recordkeeping for Form 1099, providing EINs, addresses, and total amounts paid. Additionally, we recommend requesting a completed W-9 prior to paying any vendors to ensure you have accurate information. Please advise us if you will not be using Grimbleby Coleman to file 1099s on your behalf.

The completed worksheet can be provided to us as soon as all data is entered, but no later than January. If the 1099 worksheet is provided later than January 24, 2023, we cannot guarantee that your forms will be filed timely, and an additional rush processing fee of $150 per filing entity will apply.

We encourage you to begin obtaining information from your vendors/payees prior to year-end. For information regarding who is required to file a 1099, how to extract information from QuickBooks, or guidance on filling out the GC 1099 worksheet, please visit the client resources section on our website, where resources and a helpful video guide will be available soon.

As always, if you have any questions, please reach out to your accountant by email or by calling (209) 527-4220.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you!