2019 Tax Preparation Information

By Jane Johnson, MBA

January 2, 2020

The 2019 tax preparation season is here!  We wanted to make you aware of some important changes.

Like last year, we will not be mailing a tax organizer to you.  This is to better secure your information due to the prevalence of both identity theft and mail theft.  As part of our continuing efforts to “go green,” your traditional tax organizer will be available on your online portal.  Instructions on utilizing the portal are available in the Client Corner/Instructions section at the top of this web page.  If you do not use our online portal and need assistance with set up, or if you wish to have an organizer mailed to you, please call or email our office as soon as possible.  Our administrative staff will be happy to assist.

This year we are providing a new, secure, and convenient (optional) way, for you to provide your documents to us.  TaxCaddy allows for you to take pictures of and provide scanned copies of your documents.  In addition, TaxCaddy will create an electronic questionnaire based on your specific tax situation, essentially replacing the need for a traditional tax organizer. If you are interested in using TaxCaddy this year, please go to taxcaddy.com and create an account.  Sometime in the following weeks you will receive an email from noreply@taxcaddy.com requesting you to link your established account to Grimbleby Coleman (check your spam folder); follow all prompts and associated email instructions.  An app is available for TaxCaddy as well; we recommend utilizing the app for ease in uploading documents.

In addition to TaxCaddy, we will be utilizing another sophisticated tool, SafeSend Returns, as part of our electronic tax return delivery process.  SafeSend Returns will clearly and easily walk you through the tax return delivery and signing process.  (As in the past, we will also publish your tax return to your traditional client portal).  SafeSend Returns also provides links to the state and federal taxing authorities’ websites, where you can pay your estimates and taxes due electronically (highly recommended); payments can be scheduled to go out on a date of your choosing.  Watch for an email from us with instructions for establishing your SafeSend Returns account.

Our goal is to provide quality service in a timely and convenient manner.  We are always available to discuss our services, fees, or any other items with you.  Thank you for the opportunity of serving you. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call or send us an email at contactus@gccpas.net.