Guiding You Through A Business Merger, Acquisition, Transition, Or Sale

By Chad Van Houten, CPA/CVA, MST

March 22, 2021

The decision to sell or purchase a business is a complex one that requires careful assessment of financial, operational, and other key variables. The equation becomes more complicated when considering a merger.

Experienced advisors can successfully navigate each step of the process while avoiding potential pitfalls and other unexpected challenges. Grimbleby Coleman CPAs (GC) understands the challenges on both sides of the transaction and recognizes the need for both parties to drive maximum deal value. Our Certified Valuation Analysts have experience across many industries and with a broad range of different types of business transactions.

GC’s Business Advisory Team offers business valuations, exit strategies, and acquisition strategies to help companies and individuals achieve their goals.


The pace of today’s merger-and-acquisition activity demands that decision-makers move confidently and swiftly to avoid missing opportunities. Clarity and an in-depth understanding of both businesses is crucial. Our team of professionals helps clients and other involved parties address the following questions:

  • How do I maximize value?
  • What are the tax and cash flow implications?
  • How do I prepare my business for exit?
  • What business can I acquire in my target markets?

We can confidently advise you in a number of scenarios such as:

  • A unique and financially valuable opportunity arises
  • A strategic opportunity presents itself that provides synergy between businesses
  • You are reaching retirement and considering an exit strategy
  • Your company is divesting a division, a product line, or certain assets
  • You are transitioning a business to family members or other partners
  • You are looking to sell some of the company or recapitalize without losing primary control
  • Business partners are leaving, and your business needs to be divided or dissolved


We help clients understand the potential risks and rewards of divestiture. We assess the situation to support the client’s negotiating position, maximize the sales price, and execute the deal with minimal disruption to remaining business operations.


We recognize the need to unlock value at every stage of the transaction. We help clients identify target markets and support an efficient transaction process through the most complex deals. We help buyers align deals with strategic business objectives, maintain compliance, and enhance value from integration to potential upside opportunities.

If you plan to successfully pass down a business to the next generation, exit a business you’ve owned for decades, expand your product line and cross-selling opportunities, reduce tax liability, overcome competitive disadvantages, or complete vertical integration, our Business Advisory Team can help you assess what will yield your maximum financial potential.

Count on us to provide sound advice on your potential business transaction. For more information on this article or to see how our Business Advisory Team can help you achieve your goals, email