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Looking Forward to the Road Ahead

By Ian Grimbleby, CPA

January 20, 2021

Happy New Year, friends! I hope you enjoyed the holidays and that 2020 closed out on a high note.

As you likely know (and hopefully read in our December newsletter), we are at the start of a new chapter of growth here at Grimbleby Coleman CPAs. Though this may be news to you, I am excited to move into my new role as Managing Partner and continue to improve upon all the wonderful things happening here.

Far too often, management transfers happen out of necessity and leave clients out of the loop. Our firm is proud to model a positive, prepared, gradual business transition that is happening by choice rather than by chance.

Now, to reflect on the past briefly: I can hardly believe I am now in my 10th year at Grimbleby Coleman CPAs. I joined the firm in 2011 after spending seven years with the international CPA firm PricewaterhouseCooper. During my time with PwC, I worked in Southern California and Scotland as a Manager before returning to Modesto. In 2014 I became a Partner at Grimbleby Coleman, and I am grateful for the opportunity to now serve in an expanded role.

I believe the perspective of working for another company before coming to work at Grimbleby Coleman was important as it brings a different viewpoint to the challenges and opportunities we face every day. Also, I find helping our local business owners more rewarding than providing financial statement assurance for the public markets.

I owe special thanks to the team I have alongside me. This might feel daunting if I were not surrounded by extremely talented and intelligent leaders. You may have noticed that our leadership team is quite large—this is intentional. A stacked team of Partners and Managers, comprised of talented professionals with different backgrounds and experiences, is allowing us to adapt smoothly to my transition to managing partner and future transitions and retirements.

Recently, people have asked me what I’m most looking forward to — both this year and beyond. Do I have any goals I’d like to achieve during my time as a Managing Partner? I normally just smile and laugh as I have lots to learn and I don’t want to mess up what my dad built. I am glad he is still at the firm and can mentor me in my new role.

My biggest goal right now is to model succession and legacy planning. It’s a topic we can’t discuss enough with our clients, and I want our firm to be an example of how to successfully prepare and execute a succession plan. Transition is a recurring part of business, and one that I am proud to say is always at the forefront of our minds.

No matter who is in charge at Grimbleby Coleman CPAs, we will continue to remain transparent and ready to talk with clients about their own lives and futures. And, as always, you can count on us to plan ahead and partner with you in achieving your goals.  I welcome the opportunity to interact with you in the future.